CMP Initiative

 The following follow-up action on above said subject being taken in our Vidyalaya

  1. We are following  five point formulae of LOVE, TRUTH, RIGHT CONDUCT, NON-VOILENCE & PEACE
  2. Three points Language formula, Mother-tongue, Hindi & English is being followed in the school. Special emphasis is being paid to spoken English.
  3. Proper use of the activity room is being done. Computer Aided Teaching is done during clubbed periods and record maintained.
  4. Display Boards in the classes have been decorated. Time-table and creative work of the students will be displayed on it and changed time to time.
  5. PTA meeting will be conducted after the First Unit Test which starts from 29th July. Subsequent PTAs will be done during the session.
  6. Teacher’s Diary & Daily Dairy are being maintained. Teachers are going to the classrooms with prior preparation & with required TLM.
  7. Continuous –Comprehensive Evaluation is being done and student not found up to the required level are being given personal attention by the teachers. Children will be given a working knowledge of Post-office, Banks, Shops, Schools & Hospitals. During EVS periods, children are taken in the school garden to show Birds, Nests, Plants, Trees, Flowers & leaves etc. They are told the names of various trees and their economic importance.
  8. During Block periods the classes are brought to the activity room and children shown the Educational CDs subject wise.


            All our efforts are directed towards the all round development of the of the child personality.